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The ASN 2018 Convention invites proposals for papers, panels, roundtables, books or documentaries:

  • paper proposal can have one or multiple authors. Only authors presenting at the Convention will have their names listed on the program;
  • A panel proposal includes a chair, three or four presentations based on written papers, and a discussant;
  • roundtable proposal includes a chair and four presentations not based on written papers;
  • book panel proposal includes a chair, the book author and three discussants. If the book has two authors, who will both present at the Convention, then are two discussants;
  • documentary proposal includes the film director and a scholar who will lead the discussion after the screening (the scholar can be selected by the Convention).

For a chair* or discussant proposal**, see below.

*A chair presents the speakers, keeps time during presentations and leads the discussion.

**A discussant reads all the papers and offers comments on them in a single intervention.

In order to be considered, all proposals, for any of the five categories listed above, must include:

  • The title of the presentation (in the case of a panel or a roundtable, the title of the panel and the titles of each presentation; for a book panel or documentary, the title of the book or documentary).
  • 500 word abstract of each presentation (a single one for a paper proposal, book panel or documentary; three or four for a panel proposal; four for a roundtable).
  • 100 word biographical statement, written as a narrative within a single paragraph, for each participant in the proposals. In the case of co-authors, a biographical statement is only necessary for applicants intending to attend the Convention.
  • Factsheet that can be accessed here. Please note, every submission and every participant requires a Factsheet (you may need to fill out more than one should you be part of more than one proposal). Please indicate at the end of their proposal that all applicants within the proposal have filled out a Fact Sheet.

We also welcome proposals from those who wish to only be considered as chair or discussant on a panel that the Convention will create from individual paper proposals. A chair or discussant proposal includes a 100 word biographical statement and a short paragraph indicating the areas of expertise of the applicant and a filled out factsheet which can be found here.

This information must be included in a SINGLE Word document that will be attached to an email sent to both AND

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