2008 Film Presentations

Around Mostar, The Bridge and Bruce Lee

Directed by Sanja Puljar and Vanni D'Alessio

The documentary investigates post-war Mostar and its negotiations with the past and the future among three national communities: Bosniak, Croatian, and Serbian. Each of them fought with each other in the war, and all of them are forced to live together after the war. The film talks about a divided town in a new form of multinational unstable state, in which there are mixed local, supra-local and international trends towards integration, centralization, and separation. The symbol of the Ottoman imperial heritage (the Old Bridge) which underwent a process of Muslim/Bosniak nationalization, is compared to Bruce Less monument, which was placed as a global pop icon against the national discourses, and whose memory as a shared space is opposed to the intensive nationalization of the public monuments and memory. 

Contact: Vanni D'Alessio vanni@ief.hr

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