2008 Film Presentations

The More You Speak, The More You Cry

Directed by Dimitri Kitsikoudis

Three anthropologists, a historian, an islamist and a lot of Pomaks guide us to the mountain range of Rhodope in the Balkans so that we may get familiar with the population of the Pomaks, their history, their culture, their problems, their fears and their hopes. The Pomaks live in the mountains of Rhodope, in Greece and Bulgaria, along the broders. Their language is south-Slavic and their religion is Islam. Their origin has not been scientifically documented. They determine themselves as Greeks, Bulgarians, Turks and European. Multiple or performative identities have been the only way to escape conflict with neighboring ethnic groups when governmental as well as bilateral agreements between Greece and Turkey have led to their social and economic marginalization.

Contact: Dimitri Kitsikoudis kitsikoudis@mailbox.gr

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