2010 Film Presentations

Komi-permyak Autumn

Directed by Indrek Jääts and Maido Selgmäe

This film explores issues of ethnic identity, assimilation and nationalities policy in contemporary Russia through the prism of the Komi-Permyak case. The Komi-Permyaks are the only Finno-Ugric group in Russia, constituting the majority in their ethnic autonomous unit during the Soviet era. Yet they voted for unification with the Perm Region in a 2003 referendum, thereby relinquishing their political autonomy. The documentary seeks to shed light on this vote. Through interviews and scenes from everyday life, it vividly chronicles the contemporary economic and cultural situation in the area, one of the poorest corners of European Russia, devoting particular attention to linguistic processes. 

Contact: Indrek Jääts, Estonian National Museum, Tallinn

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