2010 Film Presentations

No. 4 Street of our Lady

Directed by Barbara Bird, Judy Maltz and Richie Sherman

This award-winning film, already screened at numerous film festivals, universities and community centers across the US, tells the remarkable yet little-known story of Francisca Halamajowa, a Polish-Catholic woman who rescued 16 of her Jewish neighbors during the Holocaust in Sokal, a small town in Eastern Poland (now part of Ukraine). Only about 30 of Sokal's 6,000 Jews survived the war — half of them rescued by Halamajowa. For close to two years, she hid and cared for her Jewish neighbors in her tiny home, right under the noses of German troops camped on her property as well as hostile neighbors. The film draws on excerpts from a diary kept by one of the survivors, whose granddaughter is one of the filmmakers, and incorporates testimonies from other Jews saved by Halamajowa, as well as her descendants and former neighbors, as they reconnect on a trip back to Sokal. 

Contact: Judy Maltz

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