2010 Film Presentations

Questions Nationales

Directed by Jean-Pierre Roy and Roger Boire

The film brings new perspective to the Quebec sovereignty issue. In particular, it addresses the question of why Quebec has yet to achieve independence forty years after the movement began, when so many other countries have succeeded in achieving this goal during the same period. To answer this question, the film considers the cases of the Scots (UK) and the Catalans (Spain), who, like the Québécois, have had to think hard about the advantages or risks of independence over autonomy and to grapple with the 'unknowns' of possible separation. The latter course might exact a heavy price in terms of economic, political and legal consequences, but can the status quo ensure the survival of their languages and cultures? After premiering last August at Montréal's "Festival des films du monde", the film is now on a European tour, with screenings in Barcelona, Brussels, Paris, Lausanne, València, Glasgow and Edinburgh. 

Contact: Jean-Pierre Roy

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