2010 Film Presentations

Russian Lessons

Directed by Andrei Nekrasov, co-director Olga Konskaya

A "formidable" documentary that "dignifies the struggles of powerless people and holds a sobering mirror up to a superpower and its media" (Sundance Film Festival), Russian Lessonsvigorously enquires into the violent conflicts in the Caucasus that have pitted Russia against Georgia over the troubled regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. While exploring the complex history of the region and cultural assumptions about internecine ethnic conflicts, the filmmakers take their lens into rarely seen conflict zones, where evidence of Russian violence is both undeniable and devastating. The Russia that emerges through this passionate investigation is one that is willing to wage secret wars and "manufacture" conflicts and media reports in a drive to consolidate power. 

Contact: Oddleiv Vik

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