2010 Film Presentations

The English Surgeon

Directed by Geoffrey Smith

What is it like to have God-like surgical powers, yet to struggle against your own humanity? What is it like to try and save a life, and yet to fail? The film, described in reviews as "enthralling... agonizingly human" (NYT) and "deeply touching" (Variety), follows brain surgeon Henry Marsh on his latest mission to Ukraine. Compelled to help others, Henry has been going to Kyiv for over 15 years to help improve upon the medieval brain surgery he first witnessed there in 1992. But for all the satisfaction he gets from going, Henry also sees grossly misdiagnosed patients, children who will inevitably die and a lack of equipment and trained supporting staff. In some harrowing scenes, we feel Henry's frustration as he agonizes over who he can and can't save. A powerful story documenting the struggle to do good in a selfish and flawed world, the film has won numerous best documentary and audience awards internationally. 

Contact: Geoffrey Smith

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