2010 Film Presentations

The Russian War

Directed by Arnold van Bruggen and co-director Eefje Blankevoort

During World War II, 800 Georgian POWs were put to work by the Germans on the Dutch island of Texel. As liberation neared in April 1945, the prisoners were told that they were being sent to the Western Front to fight in the German army. They decided to resist, to "fight to the death". The decision would have far-reaching consequences: During the course of the uprising, the island was reduced to ashes and hundreds were killed — Georgian prisoners, German soldiers, but also many islanders. Through eyewitness testimonies, the film delves into the causes and course of this Russian War. It soon becomes clear that not everyone viewed the insurgents as heroes and anger still lingers among many islanders over their "rash" actions. Interviews are interspersed with beautiful nature shots on Texel — a peaceful place that was once the scene of an almost-forgotten tragedy. 

Contact: Arnold van Bruggen

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