2010 Film Presentations

Untold Stories

Directed by Brankica Draškoviæ

Part of the project "Dealing with the Past through Examples of Good", the film explores how some individuals risked ostracization and even their lives by helping people of other ethnic backgrounds during the Yugoslav War in the early 1990s. It reveals how, despite the horrors of the war and the many atrocities committed, there were people who had the courage to stand by those considered by many to be "the enemy". Over a decade after Dayton and the restoration of peace to the region, the consequences of the war are still apparent. These pose an obstacle to the reconstruction of multi-ethnic communities among people still badly scarred by their wartime experiences. The filmmakers hope that the stories told in this film — from Kosovo, Mostar, Sarajevo, Livno, Mrkopalj/Drežnica and Knin — can provide a healthy base on which to build a progressive and functional multi-ethnic society. 

Contact: Sasha Poucki

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