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Oxana Shevel

Vice President

Shevel 200 300

[email protected]

Professor Shevel's research and teaching focus on the post-Communist region surrounding Russia and issues such as nation- and state-building, the politics of citizenship and migration, memory politics, and the influence of international institutions on democratization. She is the author of Migration, Refugee Policy, and State Building in Postcommunist Europe (Cambridge 2011), which examines how the politics of national identity and strategies of the UNHCR shape refugee admission policies in the post-Communist region, leading countries to be more or less receptive to refugees. The book received the 2012 American Association of Ukrainian Studies (AAUS) book prize. At present, Professor Shevel is working on a new book project - comparative study of the sources of citizenship policies in new post-Communist states. Articles based on this project were published in Comparative Politics in 2009, and in Post-Soviet Affairs in 2012. Oxana Shevel's research has also appeared in the East European Politics and Societies, Europe-Asia Studies, Slavic Review, Political Science Quarterly, Nationality Papers, and in edited volumes.