2014 Film Presentations

Bureau 06: The Architects of the Eichmann Trial

Directed by Yoav Halevy

The highly praised Bureau 06 by Yoav Halevy narrates the story of Israeli police investigators that researched and prepared the charges against Adolf Eichmann. The investigated charges, being presented in court 50 years ago, reveal the story of the Jewish Holocaust like it had not been told before. This trial has transformed the Israeli consciousness forever. The documentary tells the personalized story of investigators working on this case: their difficulties, their confessions, experienced personal and collective emotional confusion. The investigators were bound to the subject matters as Jews, also Jews of German origins. They were placed within the collective healing process and paid a high personal cost for that in a country that had not learned how to process the horror of Holocaust. Also the film tells us about the experience of Avner Less and Adolf Eichman’s interrogator who left Israel after the loud trial and took back his German identity card.

“Bureau 06 by Yoav Halevy examines the Eichmann Trial from an interesting and less familiar perspective”- Time Out Israel

For more information click here - http://jiff.com.au/films/bureau-06-architects-eichmann-trial/

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