2014 Film Presentations

How We Played the Revolution

Directed by Gierdre Zickyte

This is a story about how people living in a small country, Lithuania, raised their independence and smiles disregarding the constraining circumstances and overshadowed other headline news in the world by producing the Singing Revolution. The narrative starts at the very beginning of perestroika in 1984. A group of architects decide to organize a one night music band as a New Year’s party joke in Kaunas, Lithuania. The joke proved to be so good that rumors about the new rock band ANTIS spread far away. In short time, their intellectual clownery, representing a pervasive caricature of the Soviet propaganda and the absurdity of Soviet reality, grew into the Rock Marches that were transformed into the big meetings for Lithuanian Independence, called later the Singing Revolution.

“For the memories and feeling of euphoria when we’ve become independent 20 years ago are the same strong as the memories of the first love” – dir. Gierdre Zickyte.

For more information - http://www.justamoment.lt/en/movies/how-we-played-the-revolution/

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