2014 Film Presentations

Mama Illegal

Directed by Ed Moschitz

Mama Illegal is a seven-year long life story of the three Moldovan women. Those women are portrayed during the tragic and joyful moments of their lives. This documentary is about the price that has to be paid for a better life dream. The main characters of this film are: Aurica, Raia and Natasha, three women and mothers coming from small Moldovan villages and risking their lives on their way to the Western Europe. They leave behind the poverty of their villages to find a job in Austria or Italy as cleaners and care workers. Here they live illegally, with no valid documents, protection and health care, being separated from their families and children for years. They send scarce remittances earned in the Western Europe to their families. However, their dream to have a brighter future has had a high price to pay for. Forcedly abandoned children are growing without their mothers and husbands are estranged. Finally, never being accepted in the West after years, they become strangers even in their homeland.

For more information - http://www.mamaillegal.com/start_en.html

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