2016 Film Presentations

A German Youth (Une jeunesse allemande)

Directed by Jean-Gabriel PĂ©riot

In West Germany in the 1970s, the Red Army Faction (RAF) became a growing source of domestic terror as its violent attacks multiplied. While official history has frequently revisited the spectacular events leading to the arrest of the extreme-left group’s core members, Jean-Gabriel Périot opts to examine the RAF’s origins. How did educated young intellectuals like Ulrike Meinhof and Andreas Baader become, in just a few years, radicalized to the point of taking up armed struggle? Relying exclusively on archival footage, A German Youth is a fascinating counter-history of Germany in the 1960s-70s, and is as relevant as ever. Shown at the 2015 Berlin Film Festival.

“Intelligent audiences can’t fail to make parallels with today” – Variety

“A film about children who felt betrayed by their fathers, and who finally joined them in the abjection and unpardonable indignity for which they held them responsible” – Le Monde

Friday, April 15th, 11:20am
Room 1201

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