2016 Film Presentations

Shades of True (À mots couverts)

Directed by Alexandre Westphal, Violaine Baraduc

In the Central Prison of Kigali, eight women incarcerated for their commitment in the genocide testify. Twenty years after the events, Immaculée, Mwamine and their co-inmates talk about their participation in the violences. Outside, Jérôme, the son of Immaculée, tries to find his place between the perpetrators and the victims. Born of a Tutsi father, he hardly finds the words to tell his story.The images of Rwanda are echoing the characters' memories. It is the history of the country that is written with them and help us to understand how "ordinary women" joined the perpetrators of the killings.  

Grand prix du Documentaire historique, Festival de Blois 2015

“In the afterlife that characterizes the level of violence reached in Rwanda during the Tutsi genocide, female participation crosses a new line” – Alexandre Westphal

Saturday, April 16th, 2:50pm
Room 1302

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