2016 Film Presentations

The Erpatak Model

Directed by Benny Brunner, Keno Verseck

Zoltán Mihály Orosz, a Hungarian ultra-nationalist and the mayor of Érpatak, summarises how he manages the village in three words: order, control and discipline. This includes everything he considers correct: forced community work, ceremonies reminiscent of Hungary’s Nazi past and nationalist education. Any other view of the world is dangerous liberalism and is not tolerated. Anyone who tries to help the victims of the mayor’s arbitrary rules, such as human rights activist Gábor Szöllösi, is immediately unwelcome. This bizarre drama shows the actual demise of liberal democracy in the heart of Europe. Is this truly the story of only one small village?

“Érpatak is portrayed as a veritable twenty-first ghetto, dead smack in the middle of the European Union” –Hungarian Free Press

Friday, April 15th, 2:50pm
Room 1302

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