2009 Film Presentations

A Kingdom Reborn: Treasures from Ukrainian Galicia

Directed by Dani Stodilka

This is the first Western documentary to present the history of Galicia and Lviv through rare footage of the region's still little explored art and architecture. The film's creators closely cooperated with Galician academics, icon painters, museum directors, curators, composers, and musicians, as well as restoration specialists. Galicia today faces new challenges as it straddles the recently expanded European Union and those territories on the outside looking in. The history of Lviv is particularly rich and salient. Transformed in the distant past from a Ruthenian princely seat to a Polish royal city, and later from an Austrian crown-land capital to a Polish regional center, it was also forcibly held in more recent times by both the Nazis and the Soviets. It is here that the pulse of Ukrainian identity and European aspirations beat, where national memory and civic identity have been repeatedly contested and recreated. 

Contact: Dani Stodilka [email protected]

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