2009 Film Presentations

Rule of Law: Justice in Kosovo

Directed by Susanne Brandtst├Ątter

Looking for something more adventurous than her life as a judge in Vienna, Claudia Fenz takes on a post with the UN as part of the organization's mission to support the democratic reconstruction of this Balkan region recently devastated war. Fenz heads to Prizren in southern Kosovo and takes on the trial of six Albanians accused of having stoned a Serb and his mother to death during riots that broke out in March 2004. The film charts the judge's attempts to work with the local council, focusing on her encounter with moral standards and traditional rules characteristic of a patriarchal society, but contrary to the "rule of law" decreed by the UN. Tirelessly seeking to familiarize herself with local customs and navigate a passage to justice, Fenz's experience highlights the tensions between the two ethnicities, while at the same time raising important questions about the meaning of justice itself and its application. Contact: Manfred Kapper [email protected]

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