2009 Film Presentations

Serbia: Exit Europe

Directed by Franz Leopold Schmelzer

This film is a segment of the ten-part documentary BALKAN EXPRESS - RETURN TO EUROPE, a German-Austrian co-production, in collaboration with European Stability Initiative (ESI). Heralded as one the "most ambitious TV projects on Southeastern Europe produced in recent years," the series was awarded the "Erasmus EuroMedia Grand Award" in 2008. Commended for "the exemplary way in which [it] blends inspired direction and emphatic camera work with sound scientific research and journalistic excellence", the series allows people of various backgrounds who have contributed to the region's progress since the mid-1990s (artists, lawyers, journalists, activists, mayors, athletes...) the opportunity to comment on their current situation.

SERBIA: EXIT EUROPE explores two powerful but contradictory forces now at play in Serbia. The loss of Kosovo has rekindled nationalism and bitterness towards the international community, while the victory of the pro-European forces in the May 2008 elections steered the country towards EU integration. Key questions now hover over Serbia's future: Is Serbia on track to joining the EU? Is it confronting the crimes of the Milosevic era? Or will the Stabilisation and Association Agreement with the EU remain on hold and application for EU membership a distant prospect? 

Contact: Verena Knaus [email protected] www.returntoeurope.org

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