2009 Film Presentations

The Singing Revolution

Directed by James Tusty and Maureen Castle Tusty

The occupation of Estonia by the Nazis and the Soviets ushered in a period of terror for the Estonian population, more than one-quarter of which was deported to Siberia, executed, or driven abroad by the end of World War II. Music sustained the Estonian people during these dark years and was such a crucial part of their subsequent struggle for freedom that their successful bid for independence is known as the Singing Revolution. Filmmakers Tusty and his wife Maureen were inspired by the power music has had over their fellow Estonians and devoted four years to documenting this incredible story. The result is a moving, intensely human testament to the sustaining power of hope and the motivating strength of song. The film reflects the indomitable human drive for personal freedom, political independence and self-determination. 

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