2009 Film Presentations

Who is Deutschland?

Directed by Boaz Beeri

The film focuses on the outpouring of national feeling expressed in Germany during the World Cup tournament, and the reactions and discussions it prompted in German society among people of various backgrounds. While tracking the progress of the German team in the World Cup, the film focuses on Markus, a leftist Berlin University student who tells his side of the "German identity story." Interviews with German politicians, rock stars, media executives, museum directors and students highlight the tensions surrounding the burning issues of new German patriotism, history, the contemporary role of Jewishness in German society and, ultimately, German identity. As the World Cup advances, Markus' life experiences and outlook provide one vivid example of the very personal process of identity formation that is unique to Germany. 

Contact: Abe Singer (U of Illinois at Chicago) [email protected]

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