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14th Annual ASN World Convention

Imagined Communities, Real Conflicts, and National Identities

Date: 16-25 April 2009
Location: Columbia University, NY

Key documents


Book panels

  • Confronting the Yugoslav Controversies
  • Contemporary Ukraine on the Cultural Map of Europe
  • Talk of the Nation
  • The Red Prince

This year's featured books include:

  • Charles Ingrao and Thomas A. Emmert, eds.'s Confronting the Yugoslav Controversies (Purdue, 2009)
  • Larissa Onyshkevych and Maria G. Rewakowicz, eds.'s Contemporary Ukraine on the Cultural Map of Europe (M. E. Sharpe, 2009)
  • Dejan Djokic's Elusive Compromise : A History of Interwar Yugoslavia (Columbia, 2007)
  • John Hall's Ernest Gellner : An Intellectual Biography (Verso, 2009)
  • Stephen M. Saideman and R. William Ayres's For Kin or Country : Xenophobia, Nationalism, and War (Columbia, 2008)
  • Anders Aslund's How Ukraine Became a Market Economy and Democracy (Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2009)
  • Brendan O'Leary's How to Get Out of Iraq with Integrity (Penn Press, 2009)
  • Zsuzsa Csergo's Talk of the Nation : Language and Conflict in Romania and Slovakia (Cornell, 2007)
  • Henry Hale's The Foundations of Ethnic Politics (Cambridge, 2008)
  • Timothy Snyder's The Red Prince : The Secret Lives of a Habsburg Archduke (Perseus, 2008)

Film presentations

  • Citizens K: The “K” Twins
  • A Kingdom Reborn: Treasures from Ukrainian Galicia
  • Made in China
  • Who is Deutschland?

This year's featured films include:

  • Dani Stodilka's A Kingdom Reborn: Treasures from Ukrainian Galicia
  • Larry Kamerman and Sudhir Venkatesh's At the top of my voice
  • Eyal Sivan and Georges Mink's Citizens K: The “K” Twins
  • Dodge Billingsley's Global Car
  • István Hegedüs and Igor Hidvégi's Holodomor
  • Gernot Stadler's Kosovo: Cutting the lifeline
  • Jean-Yves Cauchard's Made in China
  • Susanne Brandtstätter's Rule of Law: Justice in Kosovo
  • Franz Leopold Schmelzer's Serbia: Exit Europe
  • Arto Halonen's Shadow of the Holy Book
  • Astrid Bussink's The Lost Colony
  • Virginie Linhart and Georges Mink's The Polish Enigma. Exit from Communism: Great negotiations
  • James Tusty and Maureen Castle Tusty's The Singing Revolution
  • Boaz Beeri's Who is Deutschland?

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