ASN Conventions

16th Annual ASN World Convention

Charting the Nation between State and Society

Date: 14-16 April 2011
Location: Columbia University, NY

Key documents


Book panels

  • Evolving Nationalism
  • Odessa
  • Courting Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bosnia Remade

This year's featured books include:

  • Tim Snyder's Bloodlands : Europe Between Hitler and Stalin (Basic Books, 2010)
  • Gerard Toal's Bosnia Remade : Ethnic Cleansing and Its Reversal (Oxford University Press, 2011)
  • Elise Guiliano's Constructing Grievance : Ethnic Nationalism in Russia's Republics (Cornell University, 2010)
  • Lara Nettelfield's Courting Democracy in Bosnia and Herzegovina : The Hague Tribunal's Impact on a Postwar State (Cambridge University Press, 2010)
  • Alfred Stepan, Juan Linz and Yogendra Yadav's Crafting State-Nations : India and Other Multinational Democracies (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2011)
  • Fuat Dundar's Crime of Numbers : The Role of Statistics in the Armenian Question (Transaction, 2010)
  • Nadav Shelef's Evolving Nationalism : Homeland, Identity and Religion in Israel, 1925-2005 (Cornell University Press, 2010)
  • Christian Gerlach's Extremely Violent Societies : Mass Violence in the Twentieth Century World (Cambridge University Press, 2010)
  • Monika Baar's Historians and Nationalism : East Central Europe in the Nineteenth Century (Oxford University Press, 2010)
  • Charles King's Odessa : Genius and Death in a City of Dreams (Norton, 2011)
  • Milica Uvalic's Serbia's Transition : Towards a Better Future (Palgrave Press, 2010)
  • Larry Wolff's The Idea of Galicia : History and Fantasy in Habsburg Political Culture (Stanford University Press, 2010)
  • Scott Radnitz's Weapons of the Wealthy : Predatory Regimes and Elite-led Protests in Central Asia (Cornell University, 2010)

Film presentations

  • Facing Genocide: Khieu Samphan and Pol Pot
  • Vlast (Power)
  • Coffee Futures
  • The Green Wave

This year's featured films include:

  • Eric Friedler's Aghet – Ein Völkermord (A Genocide)
  • Maple Razsa and Pacho Velez's Bastards of Utopia
  • Zeynep Devrim Gürsel's Coffee Futures
  • David Aronowitsch and Staffan Lindberg's Facing Genocide: Khieu Samphan and Pol Pot
  • Kat Rohrer's Fatal Promises
  • Saltanat Berdikeeva's Kyrgyzstan at a Crossroads
  • Laurence Broers's Life Together, Life Apart
  • Ali Samadi Ahadi's The Green Wave
  • Olha Onyshko and Sarah Farhat's Three Stories of Galicia
  • M. Dolores Genovès's Topographies of Memory
  • Cathryn Collins's Vlast (Power)
  • Boro Kontić's Years Eaten by Lions

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