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Beware of Email Invitations to Submit ASN papers

September 13, 2017 Lisa Koriouchkina

Since the 2017 ASN Convention, many participants have received emails inviting them to submit their ASN Convention papers to a journal for publication. Please be aware that such emails were sent without the approval or knowledge of the ASN. There is a large international industry of essentially fake journals that charge authors fees for “publishing” their papers online.  Authors should only submit manuscripts to journals that have a reputable publisher and editorial board. (Read more)

Many of us read articles on sites such as Research Gate and However, please bear in mind that these sites are for profit operations that make money by running ads. The problem is that they take reader traffic away from the sites of the journals where the articles were originally published, such as Nationalities Papers, the ASN flagship journal. This is bad for the author, because it means that readership data (which are collected on the journal site) underestimate the impact of your article. And it is bad for the profession, because lower official download data make it more likely that libraries will drop their subscriptions to the journal, undermining the perilous economics of academic journal publishing. In light of these concerns, we would encourage our ASN membersnot to post their journal articles on sites like and Research Gate.

A recent article describes a scale of the predatory journals problem in Academia -

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