Doctoral Student Awards

2018 Best Doctoral Student Papers Awards


Iva Vukusic

Category: The Balkans
Iva Vukusic (Utrecht U, Netherlands)

Paramilitary Violence in the Former Yugoslavia: Insights from War Crimes Trials.

Albana Shehaj

Category: The Balkans
Albana Shehaj (U of Michigan, US)

Killing Them with Kindness: The Influence of Party Distributive Strategies on Voter Tolerance of Political Graft.

Andrea Peinhopf

Category: Caucasus Russia
Andrea Peinhopf (University College London, UK)

Abkhazia After Displacement: The Perspective of Those Left Behind.

Susan Divald

Category: Central Europe
Susan Divald (Oxford U, UK)

The Many Faces of Autonomy: Understanding Variation in the Hungarian Claims to Autonomy in Slovakia.

Karolina Kluczewska

Category: Eurasia Turkey
Karolina Kluczewska (U of St. Andrews, UK)

American Donors, Local NGOs and Translating "Good Governance" into Tajik.

Natalia Stepaniuk

Category: Ukraine
Natalia Stepaniuk (U of Ottawa, Canada)

Civilian Wartime Volunteers: Exploring the Demographic Profile of Joiners and their Motivations for Engagement.

Livia Rohrbach

Category: Nationalism
Livia Rohrbach (U of Copenhagen, Denmark, Political Science)

Explaining Divergent Outcomes of the Bargaining Process over Self-Determination: The Significance 
of Strategic Interaction.

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