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Alexandra Goujon


Alexandra Goujon


Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Burgundy-Franche-Comté (Dijon, France), Researcher at the CREDESPO

University of Bourgogne, Dijon, France

[email protected]

Her research focuses on social contest, nationalism, memory politics and democratization in Ukraine and Belarus. She is the author of several articles and books including: Révolutions politiques et identitaires en Ukraine et en Biélorussie (1988-2008), Belin, 2009, “Becoming a Public Figure in a Revolutionary Situation. Maidan and the Ordinary Citizen in Ukraine (Winter 2013-2014)”, Politix, n°112, 2015, pp. 33-57 (with Ioulia Shukan), and Les partis politiques, ateliers de la démocratie (co-edited with Dominique Andolfatto), Editions de l’université de Bruxelles, 2016. Her forthcoming book entitled Innovations, Reinvented Politics and Representative Democracy (co-edited with Agnès Alexandre-Collier and Guillaumes Gourgues) will be published in 2020 by Routledge with a chapter on Ukraine. She is a member of the Editorial Board of Nationalities Papers. She holds her PhD from Sciences po Paris and she was a visiting fellow at Harvard University’s Davis Center for Russian Studies in 2001-2002.