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Rothschild Prize

Joseph Rothschild

The Joseph Rothschild Prize in Nationalism and Ethnic Studies is awarded annually by the Association for the Study of Nationalities for an outstanding book published in the previous calendar year on Russia, Eastern Europe or Eurasia (including the Balkans, Central Europe, the Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Turkey, Afghanistan, and China) in which substantial attention is paid to questions of ethnicity and/or nationalism. Theoretical works on ethnicity and nationalism that are relevant to the region also will be considered. 

Instructions for application (PDF) (HTML)

Archive of Previous Winners:


2024 Rothschild Prize

Joldon Kutmanaliev, Intercommunal Warfare and Ethnic Peacemaking

2023 Rothschild Prize

Adrienne Edgar, Intermarriage and the Friendship of Peoples / Rory Finnin, Blood of Others: Stalin’s Crimean Atrocity and the Poetics of Solidarity

2022 Rothschild Prize

Emily Greble, Muslims and the Making of Modern Europe

2021 Rothschild Prize

Krista Goff, Nested Nationalism

2020 Rothschild Prize

Jelena Subotic, Yellow Star, Red Star.

2019 Rothschild Prize

Sarah Cameron, Hungry Steppe.

2018 Rothschild Prize

Evgeny Finkel, Ordinary Jews.

2017 Rothschild Prize

Max Bergholz, Violence as a Generative Force.

2016 Rothschild Prize

Edin Hajdarpasic, Whose Bosnia?

2015 Rothschild Prize

Madeleine Reeves, Border Work.

2014 Rothschild Prize

David Frick, Kin, Kith, and Neighbors.

2013 Rothschild Prize

Sener Akturk, Regimes of Ethnicity and Nationhood.

2012 Rothschild Prize

Roger Petersen, Western Intervention in the Balkans.

2011 Rothschild Prize

Carter Vaughn Findley, Turkey, Islam, Nationalism, and Modernity.

2010 Rothschild Prize

Holly Case, Between States.