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The Association for the Study of Nationalities offers the following yearly membership plans:

  • Individual Membership (Including Online Access to Current Volume and Archive and Print Edition of Current Volume): $70/£42/€60
  • Individual Membership (including Online Access to Current Volume and Archive):  $70/£42/€60
  • Student Membership (Including Online Access to Current Volume and Archive): $40/£24/€35
  • Members are invited to attend and submit papers for presentation at ASN’s Annual World Convention and our biennial European/Regional conferences; members also receive a discounted rate for registration.
  • Members receive access to ASN’s flagship journal, Nationalities Papers, as part of their membership packages. Student memberships offer online-only access to the journal, and regular memberships offer the option either to choose online-only access or both online and print access to the journal.
  • Members will receive access to the password-protected programming of Virtual ASN (vASN) on ASN’s website.  While some vASN programs will remain accessible and free to the public, dues paying members will have access to a variety of additional content and experiences, including teaching materials and professional development workshops.
  • Members are able to access ASN Convention panel recordings and paper archive access (available to members for a limited time at the time of the Convention).

Membership dues also provide critical support to other areas of programming and administration of the Association, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  Your membership dues help ensure that the ASN community remains strong and continues its mission to advance scholarship in this important field.

ASN memberships begin on their date of purchase and continue through December 2022

In order to become a member or to renew an existing membership, click on a link above.