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We are committed to making sure that the Association for the Study of Nationalities website is accessible to everyone. If you are having any problems using this website, or if you have any comments or questions, please contact us.


We have provided consistent global navigation links and there is a ‘skip to content’ link on every page which allows assistive technology users to navigate directly to the main content.

Markup and headings

This website has been built to modern web standards using valid HTML5 and CSS. We have used headings properly to ensure that assistive technology users can easily navigate the website.

Screen reader users:

Modern screen readers use a common set of commands allowing you to navigate through a page using the headings:

  • h – cycle through the headings
  • Shift + h – cycle backwards through the headings
  • 1 – 6 – move to the next heading of the same level (for example, 1 will move you to the next level 1 heading, 2 will move you to the next level 2 heading)
  • Shift + 1 – 6 – as above but moving through each heading backwards
  • Insert + F6 – provide a list of all headings on a page.

Opera users

If you are browsing the site using Opera you can cycle through the headings using these commands:

  • s – cycle through the headings
  • w – cycle backwards through the headings.

Browser support

Our website has been tested against the Graded Browser Support baseline. We have made sure that all of our content is accessible to users of any of these browsers, although if you are using an older browser you may notice some display issues.


Although we have used JavaScript to enhance our website, it is not necessary to have JavaScript enabled to use it.

Standards compliance

Our website validates as HTML5 compliant. It does not validate as CSS2.1 or CSS3 compliant because we have used vendor specific prefixes to take advantage of modern CSS techniques. However, we are confident that these techniques have not had an adverse affect on the accessibility of our website. We support the W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines, and our website meets the standards required to be AA compliant.