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Nationalism 2021

Abraham and Ostojski N2
From National Heroes to Global Heroes: Statues on the Move

Abu Rass and Haklai N9
The Fourth Phase of Palestinian Arab Politics in Israel

Aktürk N15
European State Formation, Three Models of Nation-Building, and the Variation and Change in State Policies Toward Ethnic Diversity

Alsudais N9
Tribal, Religious, and Nationalist Components of Saudi Identity

Aron and Holland N3
What Populists Do? Populism and Security Spending in Europe

Bukan N20
The Canadian Museum of History and Nation Building: Shaping History and Identity

Cerrone N7
European Civilizationism on the Far Right: A Cross-National Analysis of Tweets

Cosby N17
Examining and Understanding the Emotional Bond of Sisterhood: The Dobbs Sisters from Upper Canada to India

Csillag N16
Between Cross and Crescent? Jewish National Narratives of Al-Andalus

Doraiswamy TH4
Negotiating Border Anxieties: The Danish-Swedish Series The Bridge and its International Remakes

Eftychia N4
Kibbutzim, Pioneers and Alone: The National Identity of a Collective Minority

Ferraro N14
The Tradeoff between Democracy and Order in Divided Societies: Separatist Conflicts, Threat and Authoritarian Preferences in Post-Soviet States

Griffiths N6
A Crosscutting Cleavage? Investigating the Association Between Individual-Level Nationalism and Political Attitudes Across Sub-State Nations

Haddad N16
The French Jewish POW Experience in German Camps, 1940-45

Hale U3
Does Identity Moderate the Impact of Political Leaders’ Messages on Health Behavior?

Heiskanen N4
In the Shadow of Genocide: Ethnocide, Ethnic Cleansing, and International Order

Kalev M10
Citizenship and the Political: Reconnecting the Intellectual Traditions

Koter N5
Accidental Nation-Building in Africa

Lagana and Wincott N11
Metagoverning Strategic Regionalism: the Role Policy Networks in the European Union (EU) INTERREG Ireland-Wales Programme

Lucksted N6
Global Precedents and National Approaches: Diverse Implementations of Memory Laws Across the EU

McCall N17
Revolutionaries First: The Black Panther Party and Nationalism

Nicolson N11
Narratives of Scottish Nationalism and the Experiences of Young Adult Migrants

Ostojski N2
From National Heroes to Global Heroes: Statues on the Move

Oztas N7
The New Media and Framing of a Transnational Identity through Contemporary Irredentist Wars

Pérez Romero N3
The Resurgence of the Far-Right Wing in Spain: Revealing the Dispute for the Meaning of Spanish Nationalism

Prott N13
The Limits of the Peace Treaties: Minorities in Alsace-Lorraine and the Greco-Turkish Conflict in Comparison, 1919–1923

Rafferty N11
“That Is Your Place?”: Nationalist Irish Identity In Northern Ireland In Light of Brexit

Ray Chowdhury N17
The Management of the English Colonial Home: Keeping Up with the Indigenous Domestics

Richard TH4
Transmitting World War II’s Memory in Russian Cinema: Myths and Self-Reflection

Siroky and Hale N4
Irredentism, Shared Ethnicity, and Institutional Incentives: A Theory, Model, and Empirical Assessment 

Talal CE7
Minority Accommodation in Nationalizing States: Evidence from Israel and Estonia

Twietmeyer N11
The Double-Minority Dilemma and Negotiations in Cyprus and Northern Ireland