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Russia 2021

Akopov R18
Theorizing Sovereignty as “Organized Loneliness”: Existential Approach to Sovereigntism of Russian “State-Civilization”

Bækken R20
Military Patriotism in the Russian-Norwegian Borderlands

Dubrovsky K1
Political Transitions and Conflict Narratives in post-Soviet Russia

Estes and Johnson R3
Subnational Solidarity and Social Development in Russia

Faure R19
The Making of the “Russian Doctrine” (2005): Political Sociology of Dynamic Conservatism

Forrat R13
United by the State: The Social Basis of Authoritarian Power in Russia

Jolicoeur and Labarre R18
The Post-Soviet Enablers of Border Instability

Kacziba R15
Gas Discoveries in Cyprus: The Russian Perspective

Kangaspuro R7
Confronting the Great Patriotic War and the Reputation of Russia

Karimova R19
Between the Secular Russian State and the Orthodox Christian Legacy: Homeschooling Spaces and Practices Among Muslim Tatars in Tatarstan

Kılıç R15
The Eurasian Economic Union: Success or Failure?

Kolstø R1
The Russian Orthodox Church and the New Discourse on Traditional Values in Russia

Konkka R1
Teaching and Remembering the Holocaust in Russian Secondary Education

Krawatzek and Langbein BE2
Intergenerational Differences? Political Assessments in Belarus After the Presidential Elections

Lovett EU2
“The Fate of the Nation”: Population Politics in a Changing Soviet Union (1964-1982)

Malinova R
The Evolving Narrative of Russia’s Transition: Evidence from the Analysis of the Presidential Addresses to the Federal Assembly

Mankova R20
Memories of the Norwegians in the Red Army: Personal Dramas, Professional Brotherhoods, and Cultural Expressions

Margalit Stern U15
Longing to Belong: Jewish Women in the Pursuit of National Affiliation in 20th Century Tsarist Russia

Miklóssy R7
Memory and Leverage: Russia’s History Policing and the Remembrance of 1956 in Hungary

Minakov TH
Transition of Post-Soviet Transition Concept

Myklebost R20
Consensus and Continuity: The Joint Norwegian-Russian Commemorations of the Red Army Liberation of Northern Norway

O’Dell R3

The Diplomatic Discourse of Adjudicating Islamic Law in Russia

O’Loughlin U6
How Much Support does Vladimir Putin Have in the ‘Near Abroad’? Results of a 2020 Endorsement Experiment in Eleven post-Soviet Countries and Territories

Osipov R3
The Rehabilitation of the Formerly Deported Peoples’ in Russia: A Commonly Acceptable Failure

Oskolkov R3
Ethnic Minority Organizations in Russia and Poland: A Comparative Analysis

Petrusenko R7
A Conservative Turn in a Patriarchal Society? The Entangled Memory of Female Political Activism in Post-Soviet Russia

Radnitz R12
Conspiratorial Soft Power? Russian Propaganda in the Near Abroad

Reichart and Kagan R17
The Role of Soviet Intelligentsia in Nationalist Discourse: Exploring Literaturnaya Gazeta Using Semi-Structured Text Analysis

Riabov R9
The “Russian Bear” as a New Cold Warrior: On the Role of Souvenirs in Popular Geopolitics

Riabova R
The Symbol of Childhood as a Weapon of Political Struggle: The Coverage of the Russian Protests 2018-2019

Sanina R7
Stakeholder Analysis of Patriotic Education in Contemporary Russia

Sichinava R16
Prospects for Reconciliation in Georgia and the “De Facto” Republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia: Views of Residents Across the Borders

Soroka and Krawatzek R21
Historical Views and Political Outlooks: Russia and Ukraine

Spirin R20
Litsa Front Memorials on the Battle for Zapolyarye: Developments in the Post-Soviet Period

Teague R13
The Significance of Russia’s Constitutional Amendments of 2020: What Do We Know So Far?

Tipaldou R9
“All for One, One for All”: Strategies of Nationalist Dissent Under Putin

Uhlig R18
Conceptualizing a Nation: A Constructivist-Informed Analysis of Identity, Nationalism, and Continuity in Russian Foreign Policy

Umland and Fedorenko CE13
Triadic Nexus Conflict? Ukraine’s Nationalizing Policies, Russia’s Homeland Nationalism, and the Dynamics of Escalation in 2014–2019

Vansina R21
Putin it Bluntly: Russian State Narratives Challenging the Liberal International Order

Wilmers R9
The Local Dynamics of Nation Building: Place-Based Identity Politics in Non-Governmental Actors’ Narratives of the Russian Nation

Zhou R21
Geography and the Formation of the Soviet Empire