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Turkey & Greece 2021

Abdurrahman TK9
The Emergence of Minority Entrepreneurship Among the Western Thrace Turks in Greece

Akar TK7
Reconstruction of Turkish National Space: How to Civilize Peasants?

Anastasakis TK10
Crisis and Change: The Vote of the Greek Diaspora

Anastasopoulou TK1
Coming to Terms with Forced Migration: An Intergenerational Study of Asia Minor Refugee Memory in Greece

Bakan TK6
When the Place Resists: Politics of Neoliberal Urbanism

Böcü and Wood TK5
In the Eye of the Receiver:  Determinants of Turkey’s Foreign Policy Success in Central Asia

Corut TK6
Turkish Nationalism and Social Policy: The Case of Compulsory Public Service of Physicians

Durgun Özkan TK2
Historical Memory of an Ottoman-Turkish Neighbourhood In İstanbul

Ekinci TK5
East Turkestanis and the Limits of Ethnic Citizenship

Emek TK3
Ethnicity in the Process of State-Building: A Comparison of Multi-Ethnic Borderlands in Turkey and Romania During the Interwar Period

Emen-Gökatalay TK10
Containing Nationalist Aggressiveness through Strategic Partnership: The Settlement of the Aegean Dispute in the Early Cold War

Erdagöz YK3
Citizenship and Nationality in Post-Imperial States: The Turkish Republic and the USSR

Fotiadou TK10

The Revisions of the Greek Great Idea and the Reinterpretations of the National Other (1878-1885)

Gokatalay TK1
Negotiating Collective Memory, History, and Nationhood in Trade Fairs: An Economic and Cultural Reappraisal of Greek-Turkish Relations in the Interwar Period

Irmak Kır TK3
Rethinking Religion and Nationalism: The Cases of Religious Buildings as National Symbols in Russia and Turkey

Kaftan EU9
The Invention of Tradition and New Turkey: Creating a New National Identity

Kibris TK7
Censoring the Nation: Censorship of Turkish Cinema

Kilic and Erdogan TK6
Secular vs. non-Secular Ethnic Identity Perceptions in Turkey and the Muslim World

Kritikos TK1
Women Refugees in Interwar Greece: From Unredeemed Greeks to “Children of a Lesser God”

Kurt TK5
Religion and Nationalism in the Turkish Mosques Abroad: A Comparative Case Study of the UK and the USA

Özçalık Dumanoğulları TK2
Benefitting from the Ambiguities: The “Thrace Events” of 1934 and the Interwar Period Turkish Nationalism

Paschalidis, Siakas, and Siamaga TK9
Discourse Frames and Public Opinion Stance on Parents’ Mobilizations During the Refugee Crisis in Greece

Sayan and Duygulu TK9
NGOization, Politicization and Polarization of Roma Civil Society in Turkey

Yilmaz TK7
Reframing Turkish Nationalism: Historical Narratives in Diaspora