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Ukraine 2021

Bakke R19
Geopolitics and Perceptions of Historical Victimization

Bertelsen U21
KGB Special Operations and Ukrainian Identity in the 1960s-1970s

Buckley, Cleam and Herron U8
Forced Internal Migration, Integration, and Plans to Return in Ukraine: Choice or Choiceless?

Burkhardt, Bescotti, Wittke, and Rabinovych U8
Contested Sovereignty- Contested Citizenship: Russia’s Passportization’ of the Donbas in Comparative Perspective

Da Silva U7
The Union of Donbas Volunteers: Between Reintegration and Remobilization

De Franqueville U24
Ukrainian Nationalism and Competing Memories of World War II: The Azov Movement’s Projected Narrative

Donska U15
Hybrid Identities in Boris Khersonskii’s Poetry

Erlich, Gans-Morse, and Nichter U3
When Do Citizens Grease the Wheel? The Demand Side of Bribery

Fiala-Butora U14
Protecting Minority Rights or Preventing Conflicts? The Case of the European Minority Protection System and the 2017 Ukrainian Law on Education

Fomitchova U13
War, Oligarchs and State Formation Modes of Governance in Post-Maidan Ukraine (2014-2019)

Gibiec U4
International Networking as the Key to Understand Ukrainian Nationalism from the Inside during the Interwar Period

Giuliano U6
Ukrainian Public Opinion and Foreign Policy

Grace U12
Humanitarian Access Negotiation in Ukraine: How Aid Workers Navigate the Politics of International Relief

Howlett U16
Inside Looking Out and Outside Looking In: Re-Thinking Nationalism from Ukraine’s Cartographic Center and Peripheries

Hsu U15
Reconsidering the “Ukrainization” Policy: The Case of the State Monopoly on Film Production

Hutchinson U10
Depicting the Famine in Soviet Ukrainian Literature: A Comparative Perspective

Keudel U13
Citizen Participation in Ukrainian Regional Centers: The Role of Local Patronal Networks

Kharkhun TH3
Reconstructing the Past: Narratives of Soviet Occupation in Ukrainian Museums

Khiterer U15
Kyiv as a Center of Soviet Jewish Culture in the 1920s-1930s

Kohut U4
Confiscated Voices: The Case of Soviet Postal Censorship on the 1947 Operation Zapad

Kolomiyets U17
Shifts in the Meaning of Military Occupation in Translation between Russian and Ukrainian (2014-2019)

Koziura U10
Erasing Disaster: Media and the Symbolic Representation of Famine

Kulyk U6
Covid-19 and the Fluidity of Ukrainian Identity

Kuzemska U8
At Home, But Homeless: Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine Search for Home

Maestracci U7
Finding a Way Out of Legitimate Violence: the Case of Ukrainian Combatants From the War in Donbas

Martsenyuk U18
Veterans of Donbas War in Ukraine: Attitudes of the Ukrainian Society and Success Stories of Their Reintegration

Mikheieva U20
Perception of Safety by Residents of Ukrainian Regions Bordering with Occupied Territories (Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson, Zaporozhye Oblasts)

Narvselius CE2
Bandera Reaffirmed: A Radical Nationalist Icon in Post-Maidan Ukraine

Nonjon and Xailly U24
Challenging Eurasian Representations and Geopolitical Determinisms: The Intermarium Project and the Ukrainian New Right

Nychyk U12
Strategic Decision-making in Times of Conflict: EU-Ukraine-Russia Interactions During the Crimean Annexation

Pankieiev TH1
History Writing and State Memory Politics in Ukraine and Russia after 1991

Pletnyova U14
A Look at Russian-Speaking Ukrainians’ Attitudes to Ukraine’s Language Regulation: Between Territoriality and Personality

Robertson, Pop-Eleches, Rosenfeld, and Greene U22
Covid, Anxiety, and Information

Savelyeva U7
The Performative Power of Ambiguity of Myth: The Role of Ideology in Anti-Kyiv Mobilization in Donbas War

Shkandrij U21
Performing National Identity in the Diaspora: Music (Alexander Koshetz), Dance (Vasyl Avramenko), Ballet (Roma Pryma), Vaudeville (Nicholas Lewchuk)

Shuvalova U21
Challenges of Identity in Contemporary Ukrainian Short Fiction: Between KGB and Cultural Heritage

Soboleva U3
Does Personality Predict Compliance with the State in Ukraine?

Steiner and Mutallimzada CE2
Fighters’ Motivations for Joining Extremist Groups: Investigating the Attractiveness of the Right Sector’s Volunteer Ukrainian Corps

Torikai TH1
The Continuity and Change in Elite Compositions in the Regional and Local Levels before and after Euromaidan in Ukraine

Tsurumi U15
Reciprocity Between Different Ethnic Aspects in the Self: Russian Jews and Dual Nationalism Around the Revolution

Urbinati U8
The Politics of Internally Displaced Persons: Reconfiguring Citizenship in Contexts of Internal Displacement

Vozna U14
How Russophone Identity Has Developed in Independent Ukraine: The Case for Ukrainian Russian

Wishart U24
The Radical Left in Ukraine since Maidan: The Case of a ‘Nationalist’ Anarchist Movement

Worschech U12
Searching for Ukraine’s New Narratives: Arts, Culture, and Culture Diplomacy in Ukraine Since Euromaidan