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2021 Central Europe Panels Videos

Panel CE1: Conceptualizing and Operationalizing Ethnicity: Case Studies in Policy Design 

Panel CE2: Radicalization of Nationalism in Central and Eastern Europe 

Panel CE3: Book Panel on Lenka Bustikova’s “Extreme Reactions: Radical Right Mobilization in Eastern Europe” (Cambridge, 2019)

Panel CE4: Ethnic and Cultural Interpretations of Nationalism in Central Europe

Panel CE6: Legality, Legitimacy and Identity in Pre-Communist, Communist and Post-Communist Romania (Roundtable)

Panel CE7: The Politics of Minority Protection in Central Europe

Panel CE8: The Roma in Central Europe

Panel CE9: The Politics of Vernacular Memories in Post-Communist Romania: Illuminating Ambivalences

Panel CE10: Transnistria and De Facto States

Panel CE11: Family Planning as a National Affair? The Importance of Family Planning

Panel CE13: Kin-State Politics in Hungary, Poland, and Russia

Panel CE14: Kin-States in Central and Eastern Europe: How and When They Matter (Roundtable)

Panel CE15: Memory Politics and the Second World War

Panel CE16: Book Panel on Tamas Scheibner et al.’s “Conspiracy Theories in Eastern Europe: Tropes and Trends” (Routledge, 2020)

Panel CE17: The Political Instrumentalization of the Past

Panel CE18: Histories of Identity Formation in Central Europe

Panel CE19: Nationalism and the Far Right in Central Europe

Panel CE20: Historical Interpretations of Nationhood

Panel CE21: The Benefits and Burdens of the “Invisible Suitcase”: Writing Contemporary History as an Outsider (Roundtable)

Panel CE22: Nazi and Communist History and Memory in the Czech Lands

Panel CE23: Cultures of Nationhood in Central Europe

Panel CE24: The Criminalization of Historical Research in Poland (Roundtable)