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2014 Doctoral Students Awards

Category: The Balkans 
Sevan Pearson (Collegium Carolinum Munich, Germany / U de Lausanne, Switzerland)

The “National Key” in Bosnia and Herzegovina: A Historical Perspective

Category: Caucasus Russia Ukraine 
Christofer Berglund (Uppsala U, Sweden)

“Forward to David the Builder!”: Armenians and Azerbaijanis under Georgia’s Civic Nationalism

Category: Central Europe 
Anca Mandru (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, US)

“Nationalism as a National Danger”? Early Romanian Socialists and the Paradoxes of the Nationals Question, 1880-1914

Category: Eurasia 
Eric Schluessel (Harvard University, US)

Translating and Approximating Imperial Power in Turn-of-the-Century Xinjiang, China

Category: Nationalism 
Aliza Rebecca Luft (University of Wisconsin Madison, US)

Defecting from the Episcopate: French Bishops’ Resistance during the Holocaust

Category: Turkey 
Enis Erdem Aydin (Bogazici University, Turkey)

“The Separated Letters”:The Ottoman Alphabet Reform as a Gateway to Competing Nationalisms