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2019 Doctoral Students Awards


The winners of the ASN 2019 Doctoral Paper Awards, L-R: Jelena Golubovic, Irina Soboleva, Colleen Wood, Ronay Bakan, Ekaterina Klimova and Alexander Kustov. Not pictured: Daniel Solomon.

Category: The Balkans

Jelena Golubovic (Simon Fraser University, Canada)
“To Me You Are Not a Serb”: Ethnicity, Ambiguity, and Anxiety in Post-War Sarajevo

Category: Central Europe

Daniel Solomon (Georgetown University, U.S.)
Explaining Subnational Variations in Pogrom Violence: The Case of Kristallnacht

Category: Eurasia/Caucasus combined sections

Colleen Wood (Columbia University, U.S.)
Who Belongs in “Our Common Home”: Public Education and National v. Ethnic Identification in Kyrgyzstan

Category: Migration/Nationalism combined sections

Alexander Kustov (Princeton University, U.S.) 
‘Bloom Where You Are Planted’: What Can We Learn About Immigration Politics from Public Opposition to Emigration?

Category: Russia

Ekaterina Klimenko (Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Poland)
Church, State and Memory: Remembering the Revolution and Building the Nation in Contemporary Russia

Category: Turkey

Ronay Bakan (Yale University, U.S.)
Socio-Spatial Dynamics of Contentious Politics: A Case of Urban Warfare in the Kurdish Region of Turkey

Category: Ukraine

Irina Soboleva (Columbia University, U.S.)
Exaggerating the Gap: Heterogeneous Effects of Civil Engagement Campaigns in Polarized Societies