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2023 Doctoral Students Awards


Category: The Balkans/Central Europe

Nicole Albrecht

(U of London, UK/Georgetown U, US)

The Power of Gold: Rudolf Bicanic and the Search for the Political

Legitimacy over Yugoslavia 1943-1945

Category: Eurasia

Merey Otan           

(Nazarbayev U, Kazakhstan)         

Language Choice in Kazakhstan’s Contemporary Music Scene

Category: Migration

Tiphaine Le Corre

(U of Oxford, UK)

Sending a Clear Message? The (in)Effectiveness of Restrictive Immigration Policies Aimed at Deterring Irregular and Asylum-Seeking Immigration

Category: Nationalism

Yehia S Mekawi

(U of Michigan, US)

Accepting the Olive Branch? Muslim Leadership and State Accommodation in Belgium

Category: Belarus/Caucasus/Russia

Tamar Qeburia

(Ilia State U, Georgia/U of Göttingen, Germany)

Labor Recruitment, Apprenticeship Campaigns and the Formation of the Industrial Working Class in the Soviet Republic of Georgia

Category: Turkey/Greece

Lediona Shahollari

(U of Michigan, US)

Challenging the Cartographic Imaginations of the 1923 Greek-Turkish Population Exchange: The Case of the Vinan families

Category: Ukraine

Silviya Nitsova

(UNC Chapel Hill, US)

The Extremely Rich during the Politics of the Extraordinary:

Oligarchic Networks of Influence and the Russia-Ukraine War