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Nationalism after the Ukraine War

Thursday, October 6th, 1pm ET


The war in Ukraine has scrambled the political narrative in Europe and beyond. What impact is it having on our understanding of the role of nationalism in today’s world? Is it strengthening reactionary, or progressive, variants of nationalism? For decades European national identities evolved in the absence of war – but now they are facing tough choices about sending arms to Ukraine and bearing the cost of cutting off Russian energy. In the US, the Biden administration has seized the moral high ground in supporting Ukraine’s fight for democracy, blunting the Right’s appropriation of the nationalism narrative.

Dominique Arel (U of Ottawa, CA)
Sheri Berman (Barnard College, US)
Vello Pettai (European Centre for Minority Issues, DE)
Tena Prelec (Oxford U, UK)

Moderator: Peter Rutland (Wesleyan U, US)