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Vulnerability and Resilience: Perspectives on Armenian Displacement

After the ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan in October 2023, more than 120,000 residents of the Nagorno-Karabakh region fled to Armenia. The displacement of such magnitude in a country with a population just under 3 million presents immediate and long-term challenges. This panel aims to provide context for these recent events within the historical and contemporary framework of the South Caucasus. By examining the reverberations of past displacements and their impact on the events of the past month, the discussion will delve into the changing narratives of national belonging in Armenia.

The panel will also address both local and international humanitarian responses and discuss the vulnerabilities faced by the displaced population. To offer a comprehensive understanding of the intricate issues involved, the panel brings together social scientists and local activists from Armenia, fostering a platform for the exploration of extraordinary challenges and the promotion of meaningful discourse on this pressing issue.


Gohar Shahnazaryan (Women’s Resource Center / Yerevan State U, Armenia)

Knarik Mkrtchyan (Women’s Agenda NGO, Armenia)

Laurence Broers (Conciliation Resources, UK)

Jo Laycock (U of Manchester, UK)

Moderator: Ulrike Ziemer (U of Winchester, UK)