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Myra Waterbury




Professor of Political Science at Ohio University 

[email protected]

Myra Waterbury is Professor of Political Science at Ohio University. Her research focuses on the politics of nationalism, ethnicity, and membership within and across state borders, with particular interest in the case of Hungary and the Hungarian minority communities in neighboring states. Her published work has contributed to scholarship on kin-state and diaspora politics, the impact of European integration on national minority politics, and the politics of migration and citizenship. She is the author of Between State and Nation: Diaspora Politics and Kin-State Nationalism in Hungary (New York: Palgrave, 2010), and more recently “National Minorities in an Era of Externalization: Kin-State Citizenship, European Integration, and Ethnic Hungarian Minority Politics,” Problems of Post-Communism (2017), and “Caught Between Nationalism and Transnationalism: Responses to East-West Emigration in Central and Eastern Europe,” International Political Science Review (2018).