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Stefano Biancini

Stefano Bianchini
Stefano Bianchini

Professor of East European Politics and History, University of Bologna, Italy

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Stefano Bianchini is Professor of East European Politics and History at the School of Political Science, University of Bologna-Forlì Campus; the international coordinator of the two-years Master's "Interdisciplinary Research and Studies on Eastern Europe" (MIREES) and the member of the Scientific Board of the PhD Program in "Global and International Studies" of the University of Bologna, Dept. of Political and Social Sciences.

Expert on Balkan studies, nationalism and state partitions, Stefano Bianchini is also very active in the internationalization of the Universities, the scientific co-director of the European Regional Master in Democracy and Human Rights in SEE of the Universities of Sarajevo and Bologna, the director of the Institute for Studies on East Central and Balkan Europe and former Vice president of the Association for Studies of Nationalities (ASN) based at the Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York.