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Thematic 2021

Doraiswamy TH4
Negotiating Border Anxieties: The Danish-Swedish Series The Bridge and its International Remakes

Kharkhun TH3
Reconstructing the Past: Narratives of Soviet Occupation in Ukrainian Museums

Kranz TH4
Women and the Nation in East German Television

Kushnir TH1
The “Idea of Europe” in Transition

Minakov TH1
Transition of Post-Soviet Transition Concept

Pankieiev TH1
History Writing and State Memory Politics in Ukraine and Russia after 1991

Radonić TH3
Post-Communist Memorial Museums: Representations of “Our” and “Their” Victims

Torikai TH1
The Continuity and Change in Elite Compositions in the Regional and Local Levels before and after Euromaidan in Ukraine