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2021 Books Panels Videos

Panel BE5: Book Panel on David R. Marples’ “Understanding Ukraine and Belarus: A Memoir” (E-International Relations, 2020)

Panel BK5: Book Panel on Chiara Milan’s “Social Mobilization Beyond Ethnicity: Grassroots Movements and Civic Activism in Bosnia and Herzegovina” (Routledge, 2020)

Panel BK6: Book Panel on Mila Dragojević’s “Amoral Communities: Collective Crimes in Time of War” (Cornell, 2019)

Panel BK10: Book Panel on Jelena Đureinović’s “The Politics of Memory of the Second World War in Contemporary Serbia: Collaboration, Resistance and Retribution” (Routledge, 2020)

Panel BK19: Book Panel on Fabio Mattioli’s “Dark Finance: Illiquidity and Authoritarianism at the Margins of Europe” (Stanford, 2020)

Panel BK23: Book Panel on Marius-Ionut Calu’s “Kosovo Divided: Nationalism and the Struggle for a State” (Tauris, 2020)

Panel CE3: Book Panel on Lenka Bustikova’s “Extreme Reactions: Radical Right Mobilization in Eastern Europe” (Cambridge, 2019)

Panel CE16: Book Panel on Tamas Scheibner et al.’s “Conspiracy Theories in Eastern Europe: Tropes and Trends” (Routledge, 2020)

Panel EU1: Book Panel on Sean R. Roberts’ “The War on the Uyghurs: China’s Internal Campaign Against a Muslim Minority” (Princeton, 2020)

Panel EU5: Book Panel on Diana Kudaibergenova’s :Toward Nationalizing Regimes: Power and Identity in the Post-Soviet Realm” (Pittsburgh, 2020)

Panel EU7: Book Panel on Lawrence Markowitz and Mariya Omelicheva’s “Webs of Corruption: Trafficking and Terrorism in Central Asia” (Columbia, 2019)

Panel K3: Book Panel on Anastasia Shesterinina’s “Mobilizing in Uncertainty: Collective Identities and War in Abkhazia” (Cornell, 2021)

Panel K11: Book Panel on Laurence Broer’s Armenia and Azerbaijan: Anatomy of a Rivalry (Edinburgh, 2019)

Panel M6: Book Panel on Maria Koinova’s “Diaspora Entrepreneurs and Contested States” (Oxford, 2021)

Panel N1: Book Panel on Nadav Shelef’s “Homelands: Shifting Borders and Territorial Disputes” (Cornell, 2020)

Panel N10: Book Panel on Soeren Keil and Allison McCulloch’s “Power-Sharing in Europe: Past Practice, Present Cases and Future Directions” (Palgrave, 2020)

Panel N12: Book Panel on Giada Lagana’s “The European Union and the Northern Ireland Peace Process” (Palgrave McMillan, 2020)

Panel N18: Book Panel on Ugur Ümit Üngör’s “Paramilitarism: Mass Violence in the Shadow of the State “(Oxford, 2020)

Panel N19: Book Panel on Danilo Mandic’s “Gangsters and Other Statesmen: Mafias, Separatists, and Torn States in a Globalized World” (Princeton, 2021)

Panel N21: Book Panel on Ariel I. Ahram’s “Break all the Borders: Separatism and the Reshaping of the Middle East” (Oxford, 2019)

Panel R2: Book Panel on Thomas Rid’s “Active Measures: The Secret History of Disinformation and Political Warfare” (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2019)

Panel R5: Book Panel on Scott Radnitz’s “The Politics of Conspiracy in Russia and the Post-Soviet Region” (Oxford, 2021)

Panel R8: Book Panel on David Szakonyi’s “Politics for Profit: Business, Elections and Policymaking in Russia” (Cambridge, 2020)

Panel R14: Book Panel on Timothy Frye’s “Weak Strongman: The Limits of Power in Putin’s Russia” (Princeton, 2021)

Panel R22: Book Panel on Marlene Laruelle’s “Is Russia Fascist? Unraveling Propaganda East and West” (Cornell, 2021)

Panel TK4: Book Panel on Özlem Atlan-Olcay and Evren Balta’s “The American Passport in Turkey: National Citizenship in the Age of Transnationalism” (Pennsylvania, 2020)

Panel TK8: Book Panel on Oya Dursun-Özkanca’s “Turkey–West Relations: The Politics of Intra-Alliance Opposition” (Cambridge, 2019)

Panel U1: Book Panel on Jennifer J. Carroll’s “Narkomania: Drugs, HIV, and Citizenship in Ukraine” (Cornell, 2019)

Panel U5: Book Panel on Oksana Kis’ “Survival as Victory: Ukrainian Women in the Gulag” (Harvard, 2020)

Panel U2: Book Panel on Trevor Erlacher’s “Ukrainian Nationalism in the Age of Extremes: An Intellectual Biography of Dmytro Dontsov” (Harvard, 2020)

Panel U8: Individual Experiences and Microfoundations of Conflict

Panel U9: Book Panel on Oksana Huss’ “How Corruption and Anti-Corruption Policies Sustain Hybrid Regimes: Strategies of Political Domination Under Ukraine’s Presidents in 1994–2014” (Columbia, 2020)

Panel U11: Book Panel on Yuri Kostenko’s “Ukraine’s Nuclear Disarmament: A History” (Harvard, 2020)

Panel U19: Book Panel on Erik Herron’s “Normalizing Corruption: Failures of Accountability in Ukraine” (Michigan, 2020)

Panel U23: Book Panel on Wendy Lower’s “The Ravine” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2021)