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2021 Doctoral Students Awards

Category: The Balkans


Mate Subašić (University of Liverpool, U.K.)
Dual Citizenship in the Context of Shifting Dynamics Within Kin-State

Category: Central Europe


Timo Aava (University of Vienna, Austria)
European Minorities and the Estonian Law on Cultural Autonomy for National Minorities


Edina Gál (Babes-Bolyai University, Romania)
Healthy Babies for the Nation: The Evolution of the State Child Welfare System in the Interwar Banat and Transylvania

Category: Eurasia


Moira O'Shea (University of Chicago, U.S.)
Kok-boru (Kyrgyzstan's National Sport): Beyond Invention of Tradition

Category: Migration


Catherine L. Crooke (University of California Los Angeles, U.S.)
The Temporal Tensions of Asylum Lawyering

Category: Nationalism


Vicente G. Ferraro Jr. (University of São Paulo, Brazil)
The Tradeoff between Democracy and Order in Divided Societies: Separatist Conflicts, Threat and Authoritarian Preferences in Post-Soviet States

Category: Russia/Caucasus


Jessica Lovett (University of Nottingham, U.K.)
"The Fate of the Nation": Population Politics in a Changing Soviet Union (1964-1982)

Category: Turkey/Greece


Marilena Anastasopoulou (University of Oxford, U.K.)
Coming to Terms with Forced Migration: An Intergenerational Study of Asia Minor Refugee Memory in Greece

Category: Ukraine


Oleksandra Keudel (Free University of Berlin, Germany)
Citizen Participation in Ukrainian Regional Centers: The Role of Local Patronal Networks


John Vsetecka (Michigan State University, U.S.)
Fact and Fiction: Information and Disinformation about the 1932-1933 Famine in Soviet Ukraine in the World Press