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2022 Doctoral Students Awards


Category: The Balkans

Johanna Paul
(Bielefeld U, Germany)
Transnational Memory Activism Against Genocide Denial: Protesting the 2019 Nobel Prize in Literature to Peter Handke

Category: Central Europe

Anna Adorjáni
(U of Vienna, Austria)

Are Jews a Nation? The Case of the Hungarian Jews in the Last Weeks of 1918

Bohdana Kurylo

When the State Doesn’t Protect Me, My Sisters Will: Feminist Contestation of the Right-Wing Populist Politics of Security in Poland

Category: Migration and Nationalism

Lior Yohanani (Rutgers U, US)

Fighting to Belong: Why Do Jews
From Abroad Volunteer to the Israeli Military

Category: Russia

Liliia Sablina
(CEU, Hungary)

Mobilizing “Everyday”: The Role of Online Ethnic Networks
in Minority Radicalization: The Case Study of the Russian-Speaking Internet Users in Germany

Category: The Caucasus 

Laura Luciani (Ghent U, Belgium)

How to Make Yourself In/Visible in a “Shrinking Space”:
Human Rights Activists and the EU in Azerbaijan

Category: Turkey, Greece, and Eurasia

Semih Gokatalay (UC San Diego, US)

Orthodox Festivals, Ottoman Greeks, and the State in the Late Ottoman Empire

Category: Ukraine

Iryna Tarku (U of Giessen, Germany)

Writing as a Resilience Strategy:
Combat and Non-Combat Prose About Donbas War