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25 Years of the Dayton Agreement

25 Years of the Dayton Agreement: Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Uneasy Peace

December 17, 2020

The Dayton Agreement that ended the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1995 has assumed multiple meanings over the past quarter century. For some, it was a successful peace agreement while for others it was a straight jacket that prevented the country from moving beyond wartime narratives. Within Bosnia and Herzegovina, it has been interpreted as the most that the state can be — weak and fractious — whereas it has also been seen as the start for the transformation of the country. Yet, there is little agreement as to what the post-Dayton country should look like. At the same time, Dayton is often blamed for all of the challenges Bosnia and Herzegovina has faced. During the panel, Bosnian scholars and policy analysts will look at the realities of life with Dayton and the difficulties the country has been facing.


Moderated by Florian Bieber, University of Graz, Austria