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Diego von Vacano

Diego von Vacano was the recipient of a 2018 “Texas A&M Chancellor and Board of Regents ‘Nationally and Internationally Recognized Faculty” award.

(Princeton, PhD 2003; Harvard MPP 1006; Wesleyan University BA 1993)

He is the Editor of the Oxford University Press book series “Studies in Comparative Political Theory.” He has been a Visiting Associate Professor of Political Science at Yale University and Presidential Visiting Fellow. He has been a Fellow at the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University. He was also a Member of the School of Social Science of the Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton, NJ.

He is the author of The Color of Citizenship: Race, Modernity and Latin American/Hispanic Political Thought(Oxford University Press, January 2012) andThe Art of Power: Machiavelli, Nietzsche and the Making of Aesthetic Political Theory (Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield, November 2006), as well as of various articles, including a piece on “The Scope of Comparative Political Theory” for the Annual Review of Political Science in 2015.

Oxford University Press also published his book, Reconsidering Race: Social Science Perspectives on Racial Categories in the Age of Genomics in June 2018. The edited volume, which has a Preface from Henry Louis Gates, Jr., provides different views of how the social sciences must engage with the natural sciences in light of recent genomics research that has impacted certain accounts of ‘race.’

He is currently working on a book, to be published by Oxford University Press, entitled American Caudillo: Princely Performative Populism and Democracy in the Americas. The book develops a new framework to understand populism, using Machiavelli and Comparative Political Theory/Latin American Thought, for the Western Hemisphere.