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Geopolitics and the War in Ukraine

While the world’s attention is understandably drawn to the millions of Ukrainians who have crossed In just a few weeks, Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine has transformed the geopolitical landscape in Europe and beyond. While the West and its global allies rallied to denounce Russian aggression, other parts of the world (notably China and India) seem to be blaming the US. What are the appropriate historical analogies to make sense of these developments? Are we headed for a new Cold War between democracy and autocracy? What does the war imply for the future of global economic integration, already battered by the Covid-19 epidemic? This roundtable brings together respected scholars to address these large questions.


Peter Rutland (Wesleyan U, US)

Olexiy Haran (University Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine)

Gwendolyn Sasse (Centre for East European and International Studies, Germany)

James Goldgeier (American U, US)

David Shullman (Atlantic Council, US)

moderated by

Zsuzsa CsergĹ‘ (Queen’s U, Canada; Director of Virtual ASN)