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Non-academic Writing for Academics

February 25, 12:30pm ET

In today’s world, learning to write up one’s research for a variety of audiences is crucial for academics, yet it is arguably one of the least taught skills for new academics. This Virtual ASN panel brings together experts with deep experience in writing for the general public, policy outlets, and specialist publications. The session will address how to think about the differences between academic and non-academic writing, how to present years of research and fieldwork in condensed format for a general or policy-oriented audience, and how to overcome the reflex to squeeze a literature review into everything. The session is open to scholars at all stages of their careers.


Moderated by Eleanor Knott, London School of Economics, U.K.

Organized by Paul Goode, Carleton University, U.S.; and David Stroup, University of Manchester, U.K.